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Say goodbye to neck pain, and hello to a brand-new way to work. With our innovative standing desk designs, the only thing you should think about is how much more you can get done.

  • Relieves Back Pain
  • Reinvigorates
  • Increases Productivity
  • Burns Calories
  • Solid and Sturdy
  • Easy To Use
  • Tool-Free Assembly
  • Fully Adjustable

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Well Desk Standing Desk

Original Well Desk

  • Fits on top of any standard desktop to provide you with a standing office desk.
  • Accommodates up to 24″ monitor and  supports up to 35 lbs.
  • Easily adjusts to user’s height, from 5’3″ to 6’1″.
  • Slip-proof feet help prevent sliding.
  • 30″ keyboard shelf fits all keyboards and mice.

FAQ CHOOSE $149.99

Well Desk Standing Desk

Dual Monitor Well Desk

  • Extra width for two monitors.
  • Fits on top of any standard desktop to provide you with a standing office desk.
  • Accommodates up to 24″ monitor and  supports up to 35 lbs.
  • Easily adjusts to user’s height, from 5’3″ to 6’1″.
  • Slip-proof feet help prevent sliding.
  • 30″ keyboard shelf fits all keyboards and mice.

FAQ CHOOSE $179.99

Standing Desk FAQ

Is this a height adjustable desk?

Yes, both of our standing desk converter models are height-adjustable. You can select the appropriate ergonomic setup by simply positioning the shelves in the slots provided in the main desk frame. The shelves are simple to reposition with without tools or assitence from others.

Which size monitors work with the desks?

Dual Monitor DimensionsThe Original Well Desk works great with any laptop or LCD monitors up to 22.9″ in physical width. This typically correlates to 24″ monitors (measured diagonally) or smaller. The Dual Monitor Well Desk is a better choice for monitors larger than 24″ (measured diagonally). The Dual Monitor Well Desk also works well for two flat screen monitors or smaller. It can also be used with a small monitor and laptop side by side.

Where are the desks made?

Our desks are proudly made in the USA utilizing American materials and craftsmanship, and the wood is procured from sustainable sources. Each desk is lovingly crafted in Pennsylvania, supporting local industry and jobs.

Do I need tools to assemble the desk?

No tools are required! Our Well Desk standing desk converters are made of four solid components and takes only 60 seconds to assemble or disassemble. Each component slides together in a logical sequence with precision fitting slots cut in the wood. You really don’t need instructions to figure this one out. The desk is easy to transport and move around if needed.

Will the desk shake when I use it?

No, absolutely not. The rear brace adds rigidity and the shelves lock the whole structure into place. The desk is incredibly sturdy and doesn’t shake or wobble — even with heavy monitors or if you are aggressive on the keyboard.

How durable are the desks?

It is built to last for years… and it does! The wood itself includes an ultraviolet-cured epoxy acrylate finish to protect against daily wear and tear (Including the acidental coffee spill…) There is nothing about normal daily use that can damage your Well Desk and it supports 35lbs with ease.

What kind of wood are the desks made of?

The desk is constructed with a beautiful finish grade Baltic Birch Plywood stock.

What are the dimensions of the Original Well Desk (WD001)?

The footprint of The Original Well Desk is 24” wide by 20” deep and 22” tall. The keyboard shelf is somewhat longer at 30″, extending to either side of the desk frame to provide extra space for your mouse. Both the keyboard and monitor shelves are 11.5” deep.

What are the dimensions of the Dual Monitor Well Desk (WD002)?

The footprint of The Dual Monitor Well Desk is 29” wide by 23” deep and 25” tall. The keyboard shelf is 31″ wide and the monitor shelf is 32″ wide. Both shelves are 11.5” deep.

What are the shelf heights for the Original Well Desk (WD001)?

“Monitor Shelf Options:
54.7 cm ( 21.54″” )
49.7 cm ( 19.57″” )
44.7 cm ( 17.60″” )
Distance between slots: 5.0cm (1.97″” )

Keyboard Shelf Options:
36.775 cm ( 14.48″” )
33.275 cm ( 13.10″” )
29.775 cm ( 11.72″” )
26.275 cm ( 10.34″” )
22.775 cm ( 8.97″” )
19.275 cm ( 7.59″” )
Distance between slots: 3.5cm (1.38″” )

What are the shelf heights for the Dual Monitor Well Desk (WD002)?

“Monitor Shelf Options:
59.235 cm ( 23.43″” )
55.435 cm ( 21.82″” )
51.635 cm ( 20.33″” )
47.835 cm ( 18.83″” )
44.035 cm ( 17.34″” )
40.235 cm ( 15.84″” )
Distance between slots: 3.8cm (1.50″” )

Keyboard Shelf Options:
36 cm ( 14.17″” )
32 cm ( 12.60″” )
28 cm ( 11.02″” )
24 cm ( 9.45″” )
20 cm ( 7.87″” )
16 cm ( 6.30″” )
12 cm ( 4.72″” )
Distance between slots: 4.0cm ( 1.57″” )

What is the cost of shipping the desks?

Shipping is free in the continental USA. We ship internationally based on custom shipping quotes depending on your shipping address.

Are there any health concerns with the material used in the desks?

The Baltic Birch plywood that we use in the desk construction is CARB-2 compliant, so formaldehyde emissions are .05 ppm or less before the finish is applied. The ultraviolet-cured epoxy acrylate finish contains no formaldehyde or VOCs. Finishes like this have been shown to reduce the already low emissions from the unfinished panels.


Xenstand Laptop Stand


The Work UpRight™ XenStand™ was designed by an engineer whose five-year run of daily headaches inspired him to develop this lightweight, ergonomically-correct product that could help relieve other posture-related problems, such as stiffness and muscle cramps. Fit for anyone who uses a laptop, XenStand™ helps you keep your space well-organized and personalized to your comfort. Your monitor is lifted to eye level so that you can still use a keyboard and mouse, allowing you to sit up straight (like Mother told you), and use the correct angles for typing. Maintaining proper posture eliminates discomfort and promotes a healthy, productive attitude.

CHOOSE $31.99

No matter your career, if you work primarily on the computer, you are probably all too familiar with neck and back pain associated with your daily tasks. Sure, you can get a really good chair with amazing support. You can try to use industry leading computer stands, even sci-fi looking keyboard and mouse. But, if you are looking for the corrective solution to the pain caused by your computer job, you need to start with the largest piece of equipment you use: your desk.

Making it easy to stand and sit, our innovative (and beautiful) desks are easy to set setup and even easier to love. No cranks, no motors, and no hydraulics, just simple hinged frames that allow for assembly in less than 60 seconds. Whether at home or in the office, Well Desk can help correct your posture, relieve your pain, and change the way you work – for good.

With two designs to choose from, our goal is to make your workday enjoyable and pain-free. Whether you use a single monitor or double, you have no excuse not to be healthy using our state-of-the-art desk designs. Feel well, work well, and live well, the Well Desk way.

Interested in receiving a company discount to provide all your employees with our desks? Ask us how, and feel confident that you are making the best choice for the most productive workspace possible.

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