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The average American pays less for water than we do for electricity, gas, internet and even cable. It is typically one of the lowest bills received on a monthly basis which leads most of us to believe that the supply is plentiful and clean water will always be a faucet-twist away. As a movement, water conservation is easy to exploit and an over abundance of false information precipitates on all sides of the issue.

Water is essential to life and health. The human body is about 93% water and needs clean water to function so it is important that we have a clear understanding of the state of this most precious resource. Below are a few popular myths about the water conservation movement that we can’t afford to believe any longer.

Myth #1). Water scarcity is a poverty issue. As much as we wealthy Americans love to ignore third world problems, water scarcity is a crisis without borders. Our low monthly water bills do not reflect the true value of the resource and many states battle for water rights on a monthly basis as they face routine water shortages and are coerced to enforce strict regulations. This problem will only worsen if we don’t begin to take action.

Myth #2). The water crisis isn’t real. Our sharply divided political system inclines us to disbelieve issues that we don’t perceive as being supported by our party. Water conversation unfortunately falls into this category and a large percentage of the population views it as either a result of bad infrastructure or simply a lie perpetuated by the media. Neither view is correct. Underground aquifers supply 35% of the world’s water needs, but recent NASA satellite data revealed that over half of Earth’s largest aquifers have passed the point of sustainability and are being rapidly depleted.   

Myth #3). My choices don’t make a big enough difference to matter. This is one of the most concerning myths. The average American family uses 300 gallons of water every day with each individual using anywhere from 80-100 gallons a piece. Your water choices matter. Simple changes like turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth and choosing not to buy pre bottled water can make a huge difference in your overall impact.

Most people born in a first world country enjoy the luxury of taking water consumption for granted. We relish long showers, seemingly endless access and costly goods that require a huge amount of water to produce. Unfortunately our perceived luxury is a myth and water conservation is an issue that desperately needs to be taken more seriously.


At Well Desk our commitment goes beyond standing desks and office wellness products. We are passionate about the health of our customers and our planet! Stay tuned this week for simple ways to reduce your water consumption!

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