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Wellness is a concept encompassing so much more than just physical health. To truly be well means to live a generally balanced and peaceful existence in regard to all aspects of your mental, physical, and spiritual self. Obviously reaching that state takes a huge amount of planning and general mindfulness throughout your normal day. At Well Desk we are always striving for ways to make wellness more accessible for our customers. This blog is designed to be a resource that goes beyond standing desks and office wellness products and brings you relevant information and easy tools to assist you on your wellness journey.

Well Desk is a company passionate about bringing wellness into every area of your daily life. We designed the original standing desk in an effort to create a simple and accessible solution to the chronic pain that so many Americans face every day. Our culture is basically sedentary which is the opposite of how the human body should be. The vast majority of our days are spent sitting by necessity and, as a result, we sacrifice a huge part of our physical well being. Standing desks are an easy way to combat the negative effects of sitting and make wellness more of a reality for you. That is what Well Desk is all about. It started with standing desks, but we are expanding and hunting for new avenues of health. 

As I stated previously, wellness is a concept incorporating numerous areas of life. I find most of the time when I’m overlooking an area of my health it’s because I simply don’t have the knowledge or resources to understand how to improve it. Knowledge is power, and achieving a state of wellness requires a solid knowledge base, but we also understand that you are extremely busy so we are excited to provide the new resource to simplify wellness and make it more accessible for you. Do you have any health topics that you want to learn more about? Please reach out and let us know-we’re always happy to hear from our customers!

New blogs will be coming out a couple of times a week so stay tuned this week for some fascinating information on the gut-brain connection (did you know that your gut has more nerve endings than your brain? In the medical world it’s affectionately referred to as the “second brain”… but more on that later).

Thank you so much for reading and have an amazing Wednesday. Don’t forget to Live, Love and Work Well!

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