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Traditional wellness screening is also known as biometric screening. This tool is used by the medical field to catch and prevent major chronic diseases. However, we know that true wellness goes beyond numbers on a chart. Is traditional wellness screening something that should be important to us?

what is wellness screening?

Wellness screening, or biometric screening, measures physical characteristics of height, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and BMI (body mass index). It also includes an aerobic fitness test. This simple plan enlightens people to the chronic diseases they are at risk for. Preventative medicine is important and the more health struggles we stop before they start the better off we are.

Biometric screening is generally provided by employers. As a result, their healthcare costs are dramatically reduced. Wellness screening protects people from serious illness and saves both the employer and the employee a significant amount of money. In those ways it’s a wonderful tool. However, we believe that it is not enough.

should we expand wellness screening?

True wellness goes beyond physical statistics of blood pressure, height and weight. Although these things are important for disease prevention, screening should take mental health, chronic pain and quality of life into account. Perhaps the normal biometric screening could include an assessment from a mental health professional and a chiropractor. This would help companies gain insight into how employees rate their job satisfaction and work related pain levels.

Cost is an obvious hindrance in the expansion of screening. Employers can’t provide everything, but they can encourage a workplace atmosphere that embraces wellness of their worker’s whole being. Tools and classes like Office yoga dramatically impact employee satisfaction and productivity. Although cost is taken into account, it’s important to look at the potential long term health benefits.

Does Wellness Screening Matter?

So, if you’re wondering how seriously you should take that biometric screening then definitely go and get your numbers checked. Physical health is an important aspect of wellness, but it’s only one area. Don’t overlook the other areas of your wellness. If your employer doesn’t offer more in depth tools then find ways to work them into your own life. You will be happier and healthier because of it.

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