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Most of us love the concept of wellness and self care, but sometimes building long term habits feels overwhelming. To help make things a little easier, here are a few products that make wellness accessible all throughout the day.

5 Products to Simplify Wellness

1). This dry brush. Dry brushing your skin is a fantastic way to encourage cell renewal. I love the soothing ritual of it and have found that it not only improves my skin, but it helps calm my mind. Additionally, dry brushing is said to improve circulation and help your body rid itself of toxins.

Dry brushing should be approached with care, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Start by using your brush twice a week before you shower. Move it in circular motions across your body being careful not to press so hard that it damages. After you shower, moisturize thoroughly and enjoy beautiful, invigorated skin.

2). The Rest My Sole. Okay so if you follow Well Desk then this product isn’t new to you, but it still makes the list as one of my favorite wellness products. This convenient foot rest cushion immediately improve sitting posture and enhances blood flow. If you struggle with restless legs, aching veins, or back pain then you will love the positive health effects. Additionally, the added comfort makes any sitting situation noticeably more enjoyable. Order one now then enjoy a free travel case so that you can take it on all your summer trips!

3). Cod Liver Oil. My parents made me drink Cod Liver Oil as a kid and I hated it. However, now I realize that it’s loaded with health benefits. Conveniently, this brand has a more pleasant flavor than what was available back when my siblings and I were forced to down it with milk. Sustainably sourced and bottled in Norway, you can feel good about taking this dose of omega 3s and Vitamins A and D. This easy supplement supports eye, bone and joint health and reduces inflammation. Additionally it may help heal stomach and gut ulcers and reduce your risk of heart disease.

4). Pure Wine. If you enjoy the occasional (or routine) glass of wine then this item is worth looking into. Alcohol is one of the only food products that is not required to list their ingredients on the label which opens the doors for cheap wines to use a concerning amount of pesticides. Drinking organic wine eliminates many of the toxins and sulfates often found in wine.

Reviewers of these carefully curated pure wines swear that they no longer suffer from headaches 

and grogginess. Reducing the amount of toxins to process is better for your liver and allows your body to metabolize the calories more quickly.

5). Weighted Blanket. Sleep is essential to health and this item is a life saver in our home. Studies have shown that decreased amounts of sleep dramatically reduce your ability to focus effectively throughout the day. If you struggle with falling asleep quickly or staying asleep then a weighted blanket might be the perfect item for you. Purchase one that is approximately 10% of your body weight. Most weighted blankets are geared toward weight, not warmth so you don’t need to worry about overheating.

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