Well Desk Story

Most of us possess an inherent impulse to share with others something that has wrought meaningful life change in ourselves. Having experienced such significant personal gains from using a standing desk, I wanted to offer a standing computer desk that met two criteria: a beautifully simple structure engineered for strength and stability; and a fair-priced product that would be affordable for most any budget. The design has evolved over time to incorporate additional features, and is now available in two sizes to meet a variety of customer needs.

My company’s goals and values are rooted in the desire to improve personal health, support well-being and enhance effectiveness, which goes beyond just assisting people to stand at their workspaces. I am expanding the Well Desk brand to develop additional products designed to facilitate workspace ergonomics, comfort and productivity. In keeping with the original Well Desk model, it’s all done with an eye to simplicity and effectiveness. I look forward to sharing more of this with you in the near future.

I love to hear from my customers. Please contact me with any questions or feedback, or just to say hello. Your voice may help to direct where Well Desk goes next.

Luke Soasey
Owner – Well Desk

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