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Every year the goal of my Christmas shopping is the same: Find a gift that is unique, personal and something the recipient will actually use. For some people on my list, this always feel easy. My three year old has loved and used everything I’ve bought him…because he’s three. However, for more cultured individuals the search for the perfect gift quickly becomes long and arduous. Since I’ve already gone through the hunting process, your Christmas shopping is now a little bit easier with this holiday gift guide suitable for any friend or co-worker. 

The ideal Gift ideas for coworkers

Perhaps you have coworkers you love working with and you want to show them your appreciation, but you’re not looking to break the bank. My absolute favorite is the Rest My Sole Foot Rest Cushion. This snazzy product is designed to increase blood flow, provide relief from leg and back fatigue and bring a new level of comfort to your work experience. It’s so comfortable you may want to throw an extra one in for yourself!

Our coworkers are the people who tend to see us at our best and worst. The nature of a work environment is spending much of your week with a relatively small group of people, which can lead to very deep relationships. If there’s a coworker for whom you want to buy a particularly nice gift, then look no further than the Work Upright Series by Well Desk. These beautiful, minimalist standing desks are high quality and affordable. With phrases like “sitting is the new smoking” flying around the health and wellness world, your coworker is sure to love this gift.   

standing desk converter

The last (but not least) gift idea that I truly love for a coworker (or anyone who owns a desk or table of some kind) is this desktop zen garden. Promising to cultivate inner peace and inspire new levels of creativity, this adorable little offering is sure to be a  hit. 

Holiday Gifts for Friends (or family…or whoever really)

Now that we have covered your coworkers’ gifts, there’s still friends and family. Coming at you next is a product that truly anyone will love (this might be another you could gift to yourself as well). These Summit Outdoor Wine Glasses are insulated to keep your drink hot or cold, and are completely unbreakable, making them perfect for outdoor use. I particularly love that they come as a set of two and would also make a unique wedding gift. 

Wrapping up this list is another genius item designed to reduce chronic pain, enhance wellness and improve your overall quality of life. Light and durable, this ergonomic laptop Xenstand boasts three settings so your laptop can always be at the proper ergonomic eye height. It’s the ideal gift for anyone who uses a laptop regularly as it’s sure to improve their experience and prevent head and neck aches.

Desk Laptop Stand

Disclosure: Some of the links included in our holiday gift guide are affiliate links.

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