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We love to talk about all the ways an ergonomic office can improve your health and reduce chronic pain, particularly when you work long hours. However, if you have a home office it’s important to think about the ergonomics of that space as well. Neck pain and poor posture can negatively affect anyone who uses a computer, even if it isn’t for an entire work day. If you have kids who do school assignments at home or if you commonly use it in the evenings to get extra work done then you may be hurting your family’s health more than you realize.

the best standing desk for your home

Using a standing desk relieves the pressure and compression of sitting and allows the disks of your spine to move more naturally. It encourages good posture and engages your core for a strength and support. The original Well Desk was created to eliminate chronic pain and improve productivity. Our goal was to offer an affordable, effective standing desk with a versatile and visually appealing design. Here are a few reasons it’s the best standing desk for your work or home office.

  1. 1Easily Adjustable. This is especially important in a home environment. Our desks have adjustable keyboard and monitor shelves for a wide variety of heights, making it suitable for anyone in your family to work on. 
  2. 2Affordable.  Well Desk offers the most reasonably priced standing desk converter on the market.  Our solid wood design is sturdy and American made, but affordable for a family budget. 
  3. 3Stylability. Even if your home work space is small the Well Desk is visually appealing and easy to style. The natural wood finish and slim width keeps your room feeling light and spacious while still offering incredible functionality.

Wood Standing Desk

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