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⭐ WHILE MOST LAPTOP STANDS are not adjustable, our innovative design provides 3 HEIGHT CONFIGURATIONS. You can raise your notebook screen to the perfect ergonomic level to RELIEVE SHOULDER & NECK STRAIN, IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY & ENHANCE WELL-BEING.

⭐ STYLISH, SIMPLE and PORTABLE  – Xenstand is LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY to SET UP, & READY to GO with the included cotton bag. Use it at home, the office, your favorite coffee shop or co-working space while everyone around you steals envious glances at your cool Xen.

⭐ SECURE and SOLID  – Your laptop is cradled by STABLE WOODEN CROSS-ARMS that won’t bend, shake or cause scratches and nicks. Our Xen design provides natural ventilation to OPTIMIZE CPU COOLING to maximize your computer’s performance. Fits Macbooks and PCs 12” – 17”.

⭐ SMART CHOICE  – We are committed to your health and the health of our environment. Xenstand is crafted in the USA using premium remnants from our Well Desk standing desk product line. Complete money-back guarantee.

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Yep, we get it.

You spend hours every day hunched over your laptop, dealing with neck and back discomfort and arm fatigue, eye strain. Your desk buried beneath all the electronic devices and their array of cords and cables. Your CPU cooking away, muffin fan going berserk to cool things down, while processing speeds lag as the heat builds.

And now it’s time for a change. You’re on the hunt for a solution — one that slays all your giants in one blow, and is affordable to-boot.

Enter XenStand, the handsome, nimble, giant-slaying hero of laptop woes.

Matchless design

You saw the pictures, right? There is no comparable laptop stand on the market that features the innovative design of XenStand. Light, lean and lithe, XenStand utilizes four simple interlocking wooden legs to transform into three different height configurations. And interLOCKing really does mean LOCKING IN; you can depend on the XenStand not to slide, shake or wobble.

Never a one-size-fits-all solution

You’ve got your own size and shape. Your adjustable laptop stand should too. Experiment with each of the configurations (xx, xx, and xx degrees of elevation) to find which one gives you the best ergonomics and comfort, or rotate between them all. Sit up, straighten up, gaze confidently ahead. Your neck and back will thank you, your arms will give a sigh of relief, your eyes will light up with pleasure.

Speed enhancing

Not only will you feel better using the XenStand Laptop Stand, but your laptop will too. Get your laptop off its duff, let it luxuriate in a cool bath of fresh air on all sides, and see what happens. Oh joy! Cooler core temperatures, enhanced CPU cooling, and — what you’ve been longing for! — faster processing speeds. Game on!

Ready to roll

Lightweight and compact, XenStand literally takes seconds to assemble, disassemble and reconfigure. Weighing in at only 0.7 lbs, delivered to you in a free form-fitted cotton drawstring carrying bag with a complimentary cord organizer, you can take this baby with you wherever you and your laptop go.

Green, not mean

Comprised of 100% reclaimed Baltic birch wood (leftovers from the manufacture of other WellDesk products) the XenStand sits well with your environmental conscience. Here’s blowing you a kiss, Mother Nature.

Guaranteed to deliver

We believe in the design, durability and utility of every product we make and are committed to ensuring complete customers satisfaction. If the XenStand does not meet your expectations, we will gladly refund your purchase.


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Weight .70 lbs
Dimensions 16.25 × 4.5 × 1.25 in
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