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? 10X YOUR PRODUCTIVITY! Are you ready to get more done with less time? Did you know that standing on our “Rock My Sole” Balance Boards will improve your brain’s ability to coordinate both hemispheres to help you tap into greater creativity?

? ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS—  You will love the ergonomic design of our innovative wobble boards! You can tilt, balance, and rock back-and-forth while you work at a standing desk to strengthen your core muscles and improve your posture!

? THE PERFECT GIFT FOR MULTI-TASKERS… Do you have a friend that is obsessed with being efficient?  If so, you have found a perfect gift that will improve their focus, reduce fatigue, strengthen muscles, and relieve tension all at the same time!

? BURN MORE CALORIES WHILE YOU STAND!  Do you want to get fit while you work, watch TV, or talk on the phone?  It is so easy to get a great workout in and have fun at the same time while you stand on our premium Balance Board!

? ENJOY OUR 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY— You will love the hundreds of benefits you receive from standing on our premium Balancing Boards, or your money back! Click the yellow “Add to Cart” button today and start experiencing a better way to stand!

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Get Fit While You Stand!

If you’re like most Americans, you may find yourself sitting for long periods of time— driving, working at a computer, or watching TV.  Research shows that excessive sitting can have many negative impacts on your health.

Our “Rock My Sole” Balance Boards were created to encourage movement and ergonomic solutions for people that want to improve their health and productivity in simple and fun ways!   Our balance boards are extremely comfortable, and you will look really cool standing on one!

We are so excited for you to experience a better way to stand while you work!  It will make all the difference in your productivity, creativity, and posture!

A Few Reasons You’ll Love Your “Rock My Sole” Balance Board:

  • Improves Your Energy
  • Burn More Calories While you Work
  • Improves Your Posture, Balance, and Stamina
  • Engages the Stabilizing Muscles in Your Back, Core, Hips, & Legs
  • Extra-Comfortable Massaging Bead Surface
  • Increases Your Focus, Attention, and Overall Productivity at Work
  • Can be Used for Stretching and Home & Office Exercises
  • A Perfect Accessory for Any Standing Desk
  • Simple, Low-impact Movement that Improves Your Joint Mobility
  • Makes Standing Longer Fun & Comfortable

Prevent Injuries & Unnecessary Pain

Did you know that most everyday injuries that occur are a result of poor balance and coordination?  Crazy, huh?!   The great news for you is there is a very simple solution— Just stand on your “Rock My Sole” Balancing Board to help you become more spatially aware. It will train your body to auto correct instantly when danger arises.

Some Awesome Features Worth Mentioning:

  • Great for Standing at Work or a Home Office
  • Easy-to-Clean and Non-Slip Surface
  • Heavy Duty Design:  Supports up to 625 lbs
  • The Healthy Alternative to an Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • Stand with Your Feet Side-to-Side or Front-to Back
  • Lightweight and Portable Design
  • Anti-Fatigue Massaging Foot Surface
  • Simple to Use with Shoes, Socks, or Bare Feet
  • Includes an Anti-Scratching Rubber Base to Protect Flooring
  • Versatile for Any Surface— Wood, Metal, Carpet, Linoleum, & Tile

Your Health Will Thank You for It!

Are you ready to experience tons of improvements to your over health and wellbeing?  There are so many noticeable benefits from standing on your “Rock My Sole” Balance Board! You will enjoy greater focus, attention, body alignment, balance, stamina, muscle tone, core strength, mood elevation, coordination, agility, creativity, energy, and more!

Easy Enough for Kids to Use

Did you know that balancing on our wobble boards is a great way to help children increase coordination and balance that is needed to perform many important daily tasks?  It will help develop confidence and a great foundation of daily movement.

Become a Better Athlete

Did you know that using our “Rock My Sole” Balance Board will improve your agility?  Whether you love to play an intense game of basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, tennis, ultimate frisbee, or ice skating you will see vast improvements from training with your Balancing Board.  It helps increase your ability to stabilize your body to move quickly from one position to another. #winning

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