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Your mother was always telling you to sit up straight, but how do you do that when you’re slumped over a laptop all day long? One way to improve the ergonomics is to raise the display to eye level with a laptop stand like the XenStand from WellDesk. Let’s take a look. Read More

Gadget Review

This laptop stand is lightweight so that you can take it anywhere. Just pack it in your backpack and you are good to work anywhere. It also looks good. Those two factors alone make this a very useful tool for anyone looking to alleviate the common symptoms of working too hard. So we like it. We can’t for sure say whether or not it will help your aches and pains, but I’m convinced that over time this really pays off. especially when you consider all of the repetitive motions that we all make every day on the computer. It’s a simple design that is useful and we love that.  Read More


I don’t know about you but I have seen a great influx in the number of convertible and standing desks at my office. This got me thinking. I wonder if I would like something like this? Julie offered to let me review the Double Monitor standing desk from Well Desk. Let’s dive into it and see what we think.  Read More

Gadget Review

The secret is out about standing desks as more people realize that they can improve their health by standing while working, rather than sitting. However, some standing desks can be expensive. How are you supposed to get healthy if you can’t afford one? The solution is simple. Well Desk offers standing desks that fit on your work desk, elevating things so that you can work standing up.  Read More




More people every year choose to stand while working or studying. And why wouldn’t they when the benefits are so numerous? Researchers from Stanford have discovered that those who alternate between sitting and standing are 78 percent more likely to report a pain-free day than those who use regular workstations. The Oxford Journal of Public Health published a study in 2015 that shows how effectively can sit-to-stand desks reduce sedentary behavior of children. Since 2013, the American Medical Association has been recognizing potential risks of prolonged sitting and encouraging employers, employees, and others to adopt alternative solutions, such as standing desks.  Read More


The Well Desk Standing Desk promotes a healthy workforce. The standing desk can be used by more than one people, especially if they work in different shifts. This is because the desk can be easily moved around without any difficulty due to its light and compact design. The height is adjusted by flipping the keyboard deck and the desktop. You can be sure that you won’t run out of storage because the desktop can fit one monitor and a few accessories.  Read More

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