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Yoga is taking over the office and, according to the Occupational Medical Journal, it’s benefiting employees. The practice reportedly reduces stress and back pain and increases confidence and concentration.  Yoga is an accessible, low impact way to get your blood flowing and increase your energy levels. Bringing the practice into the office affords everyone the opportunity to overcome that midday slump and rejuvenate their productivity.

Does Office Yoga Increase COMPANY Success?

Increasing numbers of CEOs implement office yoga into their day. Companies like Forbes, HBO, Google, Apple, Chase Manhattan Bank, GE, and Nike offer yoga classes. These wellness perks increase employee retention. Additionally, it’s easier for companies to draw in more competitive workers when they offer yoga classes.

Workers report higher levels of work satisfaction and happiness when they participate. Overall, work hours are more productive and employees enjoy greater health.

How does office yoga benefit you?

Regardless of whether you are a Fortune 500 CEO or launching your first entrepreneurial venture, implementing office yoga could protect you from burnout.

Recent studies in entrepreneurial burnout show that people who are consumed by  their company’s financial success and feel pressured to work 24/7 are more likely to experience burnout. Comparatively, entrepreneurs who are passionate about the opportunity to bring balance into their lives through owning their own company enjoy their work.

Yoga is a practice in deep breathing, balance and focus. People who regularly practice yoga report lower levels of stress and a revitalized outlook on life. Likewise, developing your yoga practice will help prevent mental exhaustion and bring perspective into your life.

Office yoga can help you achieve your professional goals. Regardless of where you are in your journey, take some time today to check out a free yoga video. You may  fall deeper in love with your work and have more energy to do what you love.

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