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Most of us are familiar with the phrase “it hurts like a mother”. It’s a common way of expressing pain that has reached an intensity beyond reasonable description AKA: motherhood. It’s not always minivans and birthday parties. In case you haven’t walked the wonderful path of motherhood, allow me to detail some of the ways it also brings pain.

First and foremost is labor but the trials begins long before. Implantation brings cramps, and first trimester heralds morning sickness. By the middle of second trimester baby moves and kicks, which is all fun and games until the third trimester. That’s when you’re no longer carrying a human but a watermelon. Lightning crotch strikes. Varicose veins swell. And it’s all long before the coup de grace: labor.

Children will bring you to your absolute lowest, then comfort you with the sweetest kisses. We use the phrase “it hurts like a mother”, but only mothers know nothing on earth hurts quite as much as motherhood. So, when you’re deciding what to gift your mother this year, consider something to relieve her aches and pains.

  • 1A footrest cushion – because time can never quite repair the damage that pregnancy left in her veins and feet.
  • 2A massage – because the low back pain just doesn’t seem to disappear, even after all these years.
  • 3A love letter – because, by some miracle, all that pain feels worth it when you experience the love of your children.

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