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Laptops have become an essential item for employees, entrepreneurs, and students everywhere. I do most of my daily work on a laptop. Even when working at a desktop computer I often pull out my laptop and make use of the additional screen space. Laptops are portable and convenient, but they aren’t ideal for reducing neck pain or encouraging good posture. That’s why Well Desk designed a portable laptop stand for your desk that fulfills all of your ergonomic needs.

why use a laptop stand?

The Well Desk XenStand is a laptop stand for your desk that is light, portable and designed to eliminate shoulder strain. Whether you are using your laptop as extra screen space at your desk, or working from a coffee shop the XenStand is easy to pull out and adjustable to whatever height you need. This ergonomic solution corrects improper work posture and helps relieve the strain that long term laptop use can put on your back, neck and shoulders.

XenStand Laptop VerticalXenstand Laptop Stand

Quality matters

Laptops are expensive so we created the XenStand from solid wood that will cradle your device safely. This minimalist American design is eco friendly and reliable. If you have any questions about Well Desk then contact us from our website or on our social media pages.  Don’t risk your health and suffer unnecessarily, try a laptop stand for your desk and see for yourself what a difference it can make.

XenStand Elevated for Standing

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