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Goals are essential to success. Without goals, all of your talent, passion and energy is being shot into the world like an arrow without a target. Working toward success in any area has to be an intentional and self-directed process. You must decide to push yourself to your full potential. In order to do that you have to set goals. Here are a few things to keep in mind on your journey to success.

  • 1
    Set specific goals.
  • 2
    Establish a way to measure your progress.
  • 3
    Continually look for new areas of potential growth.

Specific goals provide motivation and focus to otherwise vague ideas. They enable you to direct your energy to achieve an outcome that betters your life and the life of those around you. Without clearly defining your success in each area, you will start toward a concept only to quickly become distracted by something else. It’s always easier not to do something than to do it and if you aren’t moving toward a specific target, you’re likely to lose motivation and give up entirely. 

Another important aspect of goal setting is being able to measure your progress. Have you ever tried to lose weight? Weight loss coaches recommend you take pictures to help measure your progress. Its often easy to feel discouraged and wonder if you are closer to your goal. However, when you take that picture and compare it to the week before then you can clearly see hard work beginning to pay off. The same concept can be applied to any area of life. When you write down something specific, it enables you to see progress more clearly which is key to staying motivated. 

Whatever you choose, first write down something specific and include a time frame to achieve them. Don’t stop once you reach those goals. Success of any type is an ongoing process. We shouldn’t stop establishing things to work toward. Every time you achieve a goal, find a new area of life to improve in. Each achievement will improve your quality of life and give you greater satisfaction in the person you’re becoming. 

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