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If you have experience with back and neck pain then you know that it is often debilitating. Neck pain is one of the top 5 disorders in the United States and impacts mental, social and physical well-being. Additionally, a full 50% of Americans struggle with back pain at least once a year. It’s reported that 264 million lost work days per year are due to back pain. This epidemic is the third most common reason for a visit to the doctor. 

The good news about these statistics is that most adults struggle for the same easily solvable reasons. Unhealthy work environments, incorrect desk height and poor posture are commonplace in our offices. Furthermore, studies reveal that a sedentary lifestyle is a major contributor in our battle against pain. Nevertheless, the average American slumps in a chair for 13 hours a day and sleeps for 8. This means that we are putting unnecessary strain on our spines for a full 21 of our 24 daily hours. 

Does Incorrect Desk Height Cause Chronic Pain?

Implement ergonomic changes in your office environment and adjust your desk height to make a life changing difference in your battle against back and neck pain. Whether you choose to use a traditional desk or a standing desk, run through this checklist to ensure that your desk height is ideal to encourage correct posture and combat chronic pain.

Your Desk Height is Correct if…

  • The top of your monitor is level with your eyes.
  • Keyboard and mouse are in line with your hand so that you don’t have to bend or rest your wrist to use them comfortably. 
  • Your elbows and knees are bent at a 90 degree angle.
  • Your feet are planted on a footrest cushion to encourage blood flow and reduce pressure on your back. If you use a standing desk then make sure you are standing on a comfortable mat or balance board.

Don’t sacrifice your health over something as simple as desk height. Instead, check out our selection of affordable ergonomic office products for simple solutions to raise your desk height and prevent chronic back and neck pain!

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