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There is something to be said about superior quality craftsmanship. The names we all recognize, Rolex, Mercedes Benz, Armani, Chanel, and Breitling. Of course these brands have withstood the test of time and, regardless of the actual quality, represent an exclusivity that not everyone is able to attain. There are those who covet the finer things in life, they see ultimate value in things that are symbols of status and success. But one needs to ask themselves, what really constitutes success? Is it a gold watch, worth thousands of dollars? A shiny car with 400 horsepower and a nitrogen cooled glove box? Or is it a sense of well being and quiet confidence? At Well Desk we build ergonomic, functional tools that encourage a better quality of life. Our philosophy is simple, superior design, functional application and affordability.


DesignThe post World War II world was a place that encouraged functional yet minimalist designs that are highly functional. The auto industry adopted this attitude to deal with the fuel crises that seemed to surface every few years since the dawn of the automobile. The VW Beetle is a prime example of this school of design. Simple, utilitarian and something that really attracted people on a visceral level. The Beetle has become an icon around the world for its simple, elegant styling and stoic reliability. Never compromising in its design, the Beetle became beloved to the point where the manufacturer reintroduced a redesigned model to much fanfare. The purists just could not let the original go, however, and prices for old Beetles just continue to rise.     



The key to creating an iconic piece is its ability to perform under the most ordinary of circumstances. The Well Desk serves a purpose and it does it with unrivaled functionality. Much like the minimalist, tiny house revolution that is sweeping the country at the moment the Well Desk stands alone as an extremely simple solution that makes some say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. The guys who live in their vans and travel around kayaking, rock climbing and adventuring have it figured out—simple functional design with extreme functionality.

The Answer

Standing Desk ConverterThe Well Desk is a system allowing you to use your existing desk while maintaining the option to utilize your conventional desk when it suits you. A standing desk gives you more movement throughout the day and increases bloodflow to your legs. The beauty of the Well Desk is in its simplicity and uncompromising usefulness. It has a variety of different positions that allow for complete comfort while you work. If you have been considering a stand up desk, Well Desk is your answer, at a price point that is manageable for anyone. Let’s not forget the versatility and superior design of the Well Desk, that will truly make you look forward to coming into the office everyday. Order one for yourself or your entire office and see the difference a Well Desk can make.

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