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Looking for some extra surface area to store your odds and ends?  Unless you are one of those supper minimalist types, chances are that you have an assortment of devices and objects that could use a nearby home to your work space:

  • That fancy new external hard drive that you bought to back-up your digital world.
  • Your color coordinated stress ball set to get you through the next brainstorming session.
  • The coveted action figure Lego collection on display and ready to defend your universe.
  • Oh wait — paper and pens…   You really haven’t gone all digital yet?

Regardless of your office passions, you are not alone.  We have had numerous customers reach out to us asking for individual shelves for exactly this purpose. We have always been happy to accommodate these requests by setting up special orders.  Rather than continue to make this a “by request only” accessory, however, we finally decided to simply make shelves for both standing desk models available directly on the Well Desk store.  Now you can add an extra shelf to your Well Desk quickly and easily.  Simply choose an unused slot and you’ll be in business.

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While an extra shelf certainly seems easy as pie, there are a couple points to highlight before you run off and add a shelf to the cart.

The keyboard shelf and monitor shelf are not the same

  • For the Original Well Desk the two shelves are completely different.  Take a moment to decide if you want the extra space in the upper monitor slot set or in the lower keyboard slots.
  • For the Double Monitor Well Desk both shelves will fit in any slot position, but the location of the mobile device slots are different.  Consider which one will work best for your needs.

Shelves for the two Well Desk models are not interchangeable

  • Double check that you select a shelf for the appropriate desk model.

We know — this is all obvious.   We just want you to avoid the possibility of ordering an unusable and disappointing extra shelf.  (Well, perhaps you could use it as a cutting board in the kitchen, but that wasn’t really what we had in mind.)

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