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Spring is in the air, but for many of us the season of blossoming trees brings a slew of unwanted allergies. Often people who struggle with allergies speak of battling a constant brain fog that makes it difficult to engage in their daily activities and nearly impossible to stay focussed and productive at work.

What are allergies?

That allergic brain fog is actually a result of fatigue. Allergies are our body’s way of fighting back against the inflammation caused by various plants or pollens. This inflammation leads to the stuffy nose, weepy eyes and disrupted sleep patterns that leave you feeling exhausted and disengaged.

Whenever you are exposed to allergens your body produces something called cytokines. These cytokines are part of your body’s immune response and are also present when fighting off a bacteria or infection. It’s actually their presence that causes your airways to narrow and your nose to feel congested. It’s only natural to feel foggy and tired under such circumstances.

natural remedies for allergies

There is nothing wrong with taking an over the counter allergy medication to help reduce your symptoms. You can even talk to your doctor about receiving allergy shots for a more in depth treatment. However, there are also some simple home treatments you can use to reduce your symptoms.

  • Keep the pollen out. When you come in from the outdoors you bring all sorts of dust and pollen with you. Take your shoes off at the door of your home and change into fresh clothes. To prevent excessive allergens in your office, be sure to clean and dust regularly.
  • Rinse out. A sinus rinse may sound uncomfortable, but using one in the evenings before bed will clear your airways of allergens and significantly improve your sleep. You can buy a neti pot and rinse kit at any drug store near you.
  • Hydrate. Taking in extra fluid will thin out your mucus and bring some much needed relief. Drinking hot beverages like tea or broth is especially helpful because you naturally breathe in the steam and hydrate your sinuses.
  • Steam. Taking a hot shower each morning or stopping by your gym to use the sauna after work will make a big difference in reducing inflammation, clearing your head and improving your sleep. Use some peppermint essential oil in your shower for additional benefits!

Standing Desk

Don’t let allergies ruin your spring and distract you from work. Swing by your local drug store for a few helpful home remedies so that you can start every day feeling rested and refreshed!

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