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Reinvention. It’s a term loaded with possibilities. It means discovering a new way of doing something. It means finding a fresh angle on a standard idea. It means unlocking an innovative approach to well-being.

A visionary concept for workspace reinvention gave birth to Well Desk.

Well Desk grew out of a desire to solve our own health problems and chronic back pain related to sitting in front of a computer for most of our working hours. Many renditions of standing desks were modeled before the current Well Desk was developed. Slight design alterations were also implemented in response to consumer feedback and enhanced stability considerations. It has been optimized to be adjustable, affordable, safe and simple – an ideal solution for every user.

Well Desk is owned by a health-conscious couple in northern Colorado who have used standing desks for years and are committed to helping others experience the benefits of standing for work. Our desks are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, independently-owned woodwork company in central Pennsylvania. We are proud to be owned, operated and MADE IN USA.

Reinvent your workspace.
Reinvent yourself.

Well Desk Facts

  • Well Desk is very proudly Made In America and we intend to keep it that way.
  • The design was built out of rigorous testing and a desire to provide a simple and affordable solution.
  • Having worked for many years in occupational health and safety we know that these desks meet all ergonomic guidelines and are a practical solution for any office or workspace.
  • Well Desk is brought to you by a team of people with a passion for better living through innovative solutions.
  • The desks are built from premium quality Baltic Birch Plywood and are built for strength, function and durability.


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