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Wellness websites can be a helpful tool to keep your mind focussed on your goals. Whether you need help pulling out of an unhealthy slump or you just need some inspiration for dinner, these websites are some of our favorite wellness resources.

Wellness websites to follow

  1. 1Minimalist Baker: This is one of my favorite websites for easy, healthy recipes. Minimalist Baker focusses on simple cooking. She shares 30 minutes recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, and 1 bowl. Our family eats primarily vegan so I especially love the option to filter their recipes based on dietary restrictions. Be sure to try the vegan Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas.
  2. 2The Balanced Life: Built around the motto “Grace over Guilt” the balanced life strives to help you build a positive relationship with food and exercise. Robin, the CEO and founder of The Balanced Life, is passionate about helping people out of the cycle of dieting and self-hate. If you’re looking to love your body again then this is the perfect resource for you!
  3. 3Sonima: This beautiful website is aiming to help you reduce stress, achieve wellness and enjoy mental freedom. Sonima believes that the human body is fully capable of health when it’s treated properly. Each article is designed to help you toward that goal.
  4. 4mindbodygreen. For a full spectrum approach to wellness look no further than mindbodygreen. Their articles offer insights on everything from relationships and stress to fitness and nutrition. This resource is on a mission to revolutionize their reader’s entire lives. If you’re looking for quick inspiration then this is the ideal one stop shop for wellness.
  5. 5NPR Shots: If you enjoy more traditional news sites then NPR Shots is always an interesting place to read up on the most recent epidemics, public health movements and promising new drug developments. This site doesn’t offer a balanced approach to wellness, but it’s a great way to stay abreast of trending health topics.
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