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Sometimes success is a result of pure genius, but most of the time it comes from hard work and healthy habits. Even the most brilliant and people on earth had to eliminate bad habits and form healthier ones. Everything from procrastination to failing to unplug can get on the way of your goals. People like Oprah  Winfrey and Bill Gates have stated that getting a full night’s sleep is one of the secrets to their success. Here are a few key things to help fast track your goals.

Essential Habits for Success

  • Read industry specific literature. Don’t fail to stay up to date on the most recent thinking and research being done in your industry. Something as simple as subscribing to a relevant publication and reading an article after dinner can help keep you relevant.
  • Plan Ahead. Barack Obama plans his day out the evening before in order to maintain an efficient schedule. Planning ahead saves energy the following day and helps you accurately prioritize your time.
  • Have a Sleep Schedule. Getting a full night of sleep is essential to maintain your creativity and produce your best work. Make a point of going to bed and waking up at the same time every day to encourage optimal sleep quality.
  • Unplug. Giving your eyes and brain a rest from the overstimulation of screens is important in order to optimize your performance the next day. Set your phone down at least 30 minutes before you go to bed and don’t pick it up the next morning until you have had a chance to complete a restful morning routine.
  • Prioritize Balance. Avoiding the temptation to become a workaholic and maintaining healthy relationships is essential to your overall health. Not only will you enjoy a higher quality of life, but you’ll benefit from the insight and inspiration of a well rounded social network.

Talent in art or business is a gift, but without building habits to help your body and mind operate at peak performance your genius could be wasted. As these new habits become effortless you’ll be amazed by how they help free up your mind and release your full potential.

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