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Spring is finally showing its timid face and many of us are headed out the door on vacations and staycations. Unfortunately, medical professionals always see a sudden increase in hospital visits and, for many, spring break fun lands them in the emergency room. Avoid a medical nightmare by following these five easy tips to keep yourself and your family healthy.

  • 1Stay Hydrated. Dehydration is the number one cause of a spring break ER trip. After a long winter of being trapped indoors its easy to get out for some fun in the sun and forget to give your body the fluids it needs. Invest in a water bottle that’s easy to keep clean and carry with you everywhere you go. If you are consuming alcohol then be sure to increase your water intake appropriately.
  • 2Wear Sunscreen. Your skin is not prepared for prolonged sun exposure after a winter of being covered up. Take extra precautions against sunburn. Severe sunburns not only put a damper on your vacation, they also increase your risk of skin cancer.
  • 3Fuel Your Body. It’s easy to make vacation a time of binging on all the foods and drinks you love most, but try to keep your health in mind. Traveling is a common time to contract food borne illness. Pay attention to food safety conditions and fuel your body with the fruits and veggies it needs to keep you feeling your best.
  • 4Rest and Relax. If you feel overtired then take a break from activities and get some rest. It’s important to listen to your body’s signals- particularly if you are spending a lot of time in the sun and could be at risk for heat exhaustion.
  • 5Stranger Danger. When you’re traveling with friends then make a plan ahead of time to check in on each other regularly. If you’re traveling as a family then be sure to talk to your children about stranger danger and the difference between safe and unsafe people. Make sure everyone in your group has a reliable way to contact each other and establish a clear itinerary so that no one gets lost in the fun.

Spring break is a time for fun, relaxation and adventuring. After a long winter it feels amazing to get outside and soak up some long overdue sunshine. Whether you’re traveling with friends to enjoy a break from school or headed out for quality family time, keep everyone’s health in mind. Take the necessary precautions to stay out of the emergency room and come home feeling rested and refreshed!

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