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It’s no surprise the science of ergonomics is taking the workplace by storm. Medical professionals worry a culture primarily developed around desk jobs and computer work is taking a terrifying physical and emotional toll on the population. A study done in Australia revealed workers who sat for the majority of the day experience an increased risk of psychological distress, even if they obtain the required amount of weekly exercise.  

Workplace ergonomics go far beyond the question of sitting vs. standing. Even if you aren’t particularly keen to stand for multiple hours at your desk, there are ways to increase your focus, improve your work experience, and decrease the risk of injury and emotional distress. An adjustable laptop stand is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to protect your health and improve your quality of life. The Well Desk Xenstand is our favorite laptop stand for your desk. The light, portable design makes it easy to take with you wherever you plan to work and it’s incredibly effective in helping to:

  • Adjust your posture
  • Reduce or prevent hand and wrist pain
  • Increase your productivity and metabolism

Adjustable Laptop stands correct your posture

The unfortunate reality is that laptops are terrible for your posture. If you are working without a laptop stand, then you naturally lower your head and move it forward to study the screen. This creates a hunched position that tightens the muscles across your neck and chest. As a result, your neck and lower back no longer receive support and you quickly develop tight, painful areas that bother you long after closing the screen. 

Laptop Stands reduce hand and wrist pain

The Xenstand has three different height options so you can choose to use it with or without a bluetooth keyboard. Depending on your height, any of these options may work well for you. This feature enables you to type correctly and reduce your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome which is one of the more common work related injuries. When typing you should have a straight back, elbows bent at 90 degrees and the screen should be at eye level. Using a laptop stand for your desk makes this extremely easy and increases your typing comfort. 

XenStand Laptop Vertical

Xenstand Laptop Stand

Using a laptop stand at your desk increases your productivity and resting metabolism

Chronically poor posture hinders your health and metabolism, leading to injuries that make it difficult to maintain your fitness. It’s hard to exercise when you finish the work day feeling tired and achy. However, using an adjustable laptop stand encourages you to engage your core muscles throughout the day and prevents discomfort. You’ll notice an increase in your productivity throughout the day and will enjoy your off time more thoroughly. 

XenStand Elevated for Standing

Workplace ergonomics often feel overwhelming and standing desks are intimidating. If you’re unsure about making the commitment to stand all day, then try an adjustable laptop stand! It is a simple way to improve your health and productivity while enjoying your work. 

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