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Research has repeatedly shown that standing desks are excellent for your health. Incorporating more standing into your day and decreasing your hours spent sitting increases your metabolism, lowers your risk of heart disease and improves productivity. However, not all desks are created equal. People have a variety of desires and needs. Because of this we have compiled a quick list of the top 3 adjustable desks that could be the ideal addition to any work space.

  1. The Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converter. Our favorite option by far! This adjustable height desk is large enough for almost any setup and is executed with a clean, minimalist design. The Well Desk is created from solid wood and is the best adjustable desk on the market for quality and affordability.
  2. 3The FLEXISPOT M2MG Standing Desk Riser. Flexispot doesn’t require any assembly. This option also rises straight up which makes it convenient for smaller spaces. If you’re looking for a one and done solution and style isn’t a priority then this could be a great option for you.
  3. 4 The Jarvis Standing Desk Bamboo Top. This desk has an impressive weight limit of over 350 lbs. Additionally, it includes height preset options so you can easily switch between heights throughout the day. You can also choose between a variety of colors.

If you are striving to improve your health and productivity then an adjustable desk is an excellent way to easily incorporate wellness into your day. We are confident you’ll benefit physically and mentally from making the switch. For more information on adjustable height desks, contact us today!

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