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Why Well Desk?

Well Desk is the world’s most affordable and versatile standing desk. Its elegant design and functional simplicity are ideally suited to enhance your health and improve your productivity. Our products grew out of a desire to solve our own health problems and chronic back pain related to sitting in front of a computer for most of our working hours. The flexibility of our standing desk allows you to work from multiple different positions. It has been optimized to be adjustable, affordable, safe and simple – an ideal solution for every user.

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Work UpRight™ Series

Wood-based desks and laptop stands

Well Desk Standing Desk

Well Desk Standing Desk

  • Adjustable – for perfect ergonomics
  • Simple – tool-free assembly in 60 seconds
  • Sturdy – solid and shake-free design
  • Smart – brilliant finishing touches
  • Healthy – live well, work well, be well
  • Affordable – won’t break the bank

Work Comfort™ Series

Cushioned footrests and more

Well Desk Foot Rest

Well Desk Comfort Rest Office

  • Comfortable – soothing, supportive foam
  • Healthy – promotes better circulation
  • Stay Active – flip it over and rock
  • Versatile – wear shoes or socks
  • Smart – anti-slip fabric is strong yet soft
  • Simple – easy to clean and machine wash

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  • A relief to stand up Sitting disease is the new smoking I heard, so I wanted to move around more and working while standing helps me do that. This set up has worked really well and it really is a relief to stand up every now and then and get the blood flowing. I can’t recommend these enough.

    Sabina T New York
  • Something so simple has improved my day to day working life This product is amazing! I can’t believe something so simple has improved my day to day working life! I would suggest this product to anyone who needs to mix up the sit-stand situation at their work place. I am happy I found this and would recommend to others. All my colleagues want these now!

    Kate M Irvine
  • “Great product, great price, great innovation”

    Amy Bonita Springs
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